Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just When I Thought I'd Hit Rock Bottom

So the other day, I humbly listed my shortcomings of the week, but sadly those were just the tip of the iceberg I sailed right into on Friday.

Jackson climbed into the car after school, head hanging low.

"How was your day, buddy?" I asked calmly, wondering if the Power Rangers had a conflict with the Imperial Storm Troopers at recess.

"Not good and very sad," he spoke through clenched teeth.

Since he has inherited my tendency towards unnecessary melodrama, I was not yet persuaded. "Why is that?" I asked.

"Because today was the 100th day of school and I was the only one who forgot to make a project."

Ouch, ouch, double ouch. To say I felt terrible is an understatement. My stomach immediately hurt and I was wiping my eyes so Jackson wouldn't see that I was crying for him.

I suck at parenting.

You see, homework at his age isn't as much his responsibility as it is mine. I had pulled the information sheet about the special 100th day project out of his folder, discussed ideas with him, magnetically clipped it to the side of the fridge, then promptly never thought about it again.

Until his heart was broken.

I can only imagine that he will be asking Santa for a new mother next year. Which he deserves. I tried to make it up to him with pizza, a churro, and ice cream (2 gold stars for guessing we went to Costco) but that didn't really take the sting out of major disappointment.

I volunteered to help Jackson complete the project this weekend and then bring it to school on Monday to demonstrate that we are not terrible, but merely below average parents. That didn't appease him either.

Finally, he said, "Mom, you can just stop apologizing about the project. It's okay."

Now my 5 year-old was trying to talk me down off the limb. Things are worse than I ever suspected.

I'm not sure if I have ADD or am just spacey. I don't know if it's the out-of-control "P" in my personality or the fact that my brain is just plain FULL. But I do know that I need to find a system that includes physical torture to remind me to complete things on time.

We can only miss so many birthday parties, conferences, and egg hunts before there is a full-on coup and I am overthrown for a newer and more organized gal.

Anyway, I am working on a plan. It involved some online shopping and lots of prayer. And some very adorable organizational tools.

Details...with lots of pictures to come!


Anonymous said...

As a continually recovering disorganized one...I can truly sympathize...happily in our techy world there are some wonderful helpers! Let us know what you find:):)..disorganized in Huntsville:)