Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Not Typing in the Fetal Position

Still here...just not blogging. Doing what...I'm not so sure.

I've realized my cynical/negative/half-empty/dismal self is starting to rule the blog, so I'm attempting to be more chipper.

:) SEE?!?! :)

I find it much easier to write about everything that has gone wrong each day than to celebrate the victories. Hmmm...

(For those of you on Brad's side of the family, I'm sure this only adds to your many questions about why he married me, for which even I have no answers, but I am grateful nonetheless. My humble apologies.)

Anyway, instead of writing about my numerous mishaps this week, I thought I would give you a quiz:

1. Which "important" things did Nicole forget this week:
a) picture day
b) eggs for the Easter egg hunt
c) to eat chocolate chip cookie and brownie batter on the same day
d) Jackson's nightly homework

2. Which minor issues remain unresolved in our lives:
a) the door on the Suburban
b) the heinous sulphur-esque odor of the Suburban
c) the fact that I haven't dusted since late November (or was it September?)
d) purchasing a car we don't even like

3. Which incredibly trivial things have we completed with gusto:
a) watching American Idol, then discussing each contestant at length
b) Dance Dance Revolution
c) eating chocolate chip cookie and brownie batter
d) buying four varieties of Easter M&M's
e) being late for school every day
f) all of the above

1. a, b, d
2. a, c, d (although upon finally getting the Suburban back and it REEKING, OH MY GOSH, REEKING of rotten eggs for a week, the battery promptly died and we had to get a new one)
3. f

Oh dear readers, I am a mess.

Ironically, I forgot all of those things AFTER I started my new filing system where I actually put the papers in a folder labeled "Lilly's School Papers." The filing system just doesn't work for me.

Brad is "taking back his life" using some Microsoft Outlook book entitled "Take Back Your Life" where you enter upwards of 50 tasks EACH DAY and then try to complete them without swearing. I get sweaty just thinking about it.

I can't decide what makes me more tense...forgetting things or being nervous about having so much to do. The combination of those factors is probably why I've never been contacted about being a CIA agent or some undercover Jason Bourne-type person.

Also, I am inexperienced with firearms.

And playing it cool.

I don't want to fully embrace my inner Debbie Downer (well, I do, but I'm trying not to) so I will end on a super positive, things-are-awesome, I heart everything high-note.

This week I:
a) ordered new makeup that actually matches my skin tone (see, I omitted the word "pasty" and just put "skin tone." I am but a ray of sunshine!)

b) ate the best pot roast of my life

c) had a super son win the Prinicpal's Award of Excellence and Cuteness (ok, just excellence)

d) learned that same son reads at a grade level so high they don't even have
tests to measure such greatness

e) had a baby girl VOLUNTEER to wear her pearls to the highly refined and sophisticated Easter program at preschool

f) had the same baby girl remember her complicated speaking role during the Easter program (one word: "bread") I am feeling better.

It is with great excitement and anticipation with which I face tomorrow and the many somethings I've already forgotten.


Mandie said...

Oh, Nicole! I am so glad to see you back here, but I just want to give you a big know, if you were into such things...otherwise it could be weird.