Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swallow Your Coffee Before Reading

So yesterday, I was vacuuming Jackson's room while the kids were at school, and stumbled across a little orange note scattered on the floor between a nerf gun and smelly t-shirt.

Before I share it, you need to know...

Lilly does NOT need personal space.

Or public space.

She likes to be touching, holding hands, snuggled up, scratching your arm, playing with your hair, close as a breath, in your space {which she actually thinks is hers.}


{I think they're 3 and 4 in this photo.}

She rode her scooter home from school today one-handed to free up the other one for some hand-holding with mom.

Lilly also loves her brother to pieces. Of course, that doesn't mean she treats him well all the time.

{As a total aside, just moments ago before bed, she was in a tearful fit..."It's like my brain turns off sometimes and then I say something horrible to Jackson and then it turns back on when it's all over. Why do I hurt Jackson with my words when I love him more than anyone in the world? I don't MEAN to, my brain just goes OFF."}

Oh sweet girl.

If Jackson should ever try something audacious, like stealing a moment to read, breathe, or think alone, Lilly can be immediately found in his presence.

{Disney World}

Begging him to play, trying to make him laugh, and using whatever persuasive wear-down tactics she can, Lilly will not let it rest until he angrily gives in.

The frustration in his voice explains that he's weighed the outcomes of joining her ploy and that playing whatever she wants is less painful than fending off her persistent interruptions.

Back to vacuuming his bedroom...I reached down to throw out an orange piece of paper, glanced at the handwriting, then vaguely recalled shouting up the stairs earlier that morning that Lilly should have "NO physical contact with Jackson whatsoever while he is innocently trying to read a book."

Lilly will annoy--through words, touching, or pen.

And Jackson's response perfectly captured his personality.

And then I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.


Liz said...

this is SO hilarious. i cannot stop laughing LOVE IT!!

Amy said...

This is one wonderful husband in the making. They are both so adorable.

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, that is STINKING HILARIOUS!