Monday, August 01, 2011

And this is Just Day 1

In what turned out to be a genius move, I confirmed that I DO, in fact, want my kids to go back to school this week.

Sometimes, right before school begins obscenely early in August, I have thoughts of a longer summer, more late nights, ice cream runs {although my shorts are protesting}, and lazy days.

Then today, millions of children came over, played wildly, needed 75 band-aids, bled all over the house, caused me to tweezer splinters out of a few pairs of dirty feet, fought, name-called, cried, and became irate when after SEVEN HOURS of non-stop play, I broke up the party.

So, back to school on August 3rd?


But I'm going to live in my fantasy vacation world a little we're finally to one of my favorite parts of our trip: the beach!

I hope that a murky lake with an artificially sandy shore qualifies as a beach, because that's where awesomeness happens.

The past several years, we've gone to camp in Michigan with Brad's family...all the uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and those in various stages of dating come to have a wonderful weekend together.

It's so much fun to watch all of the kids play together, build sandcastles, water ski, play mini golf, kayak, zipline, and giggle.

The adults talk, talk, talk, lifeguard when necessary, and try to read books.

It's a place where a swim suits are the only attire required and showers don't even get you clean.

But that's ok, because it's fun:)

Didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted, but the sand/water elements make having the phone/camera at hand VERY risky. VERY.

Lilly is always one to be part of the castle-making effort. I love her navy and white swimsuit. Such a classic.
Navy and white always feels we're vacationing on the Cape in our compound.

I mean, doesn't this just SCREAM elegance and fashion?


Lilly and Allie are looking a little beach-ified, but sweet. Allie is our newest cousin and STINKING CUTE. There really aren't words. She is like a little peanut you can put in your pocket, but tough as nails.

Well played, Allie.
Oh, I forgot to mention the water gun fights.

And digging for buried treasure.

And paddleboats.

And sandcastles.
And COUSINS! Did you see them all? They rock. There is an amazing bond and so much love even though they don't see each other nearly enough.

Of course, the fave activity is anything related to the boat.

Lilly is pretty much the Evel Knievel of tubing.

She is too strong and too little to throw off the tube without causing serious harm.

Sadly, I didn't get some of her best tubing moments on camera. She and Jake took more of a sea cruise around the like that involved him clinging to the tube for dear life while protesting the "speed" of the boat, and Lilly standing up behind him experimenting with various gymnastics poses.

I was too busy laughing so hard I cried to get pictures.

We had no problem, however, throwing Brad and Jackson.

{Too bad the iphone doesn't have a telephoto lens. Maybe the 5.}

Dude, all that fun is tiring.

Yes, indeed.


Holly said...

Loved it!