Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Deliciousness

Captain Handsome and I have been bonding more and more each day.

What really connects us is a genetic condition referred to as "Galanos Thighs."

Brandon appears to have chunk-a-licious thighs, cankles, wrists, tummy, and cheeks.

I should also mention that another notable family trait is the ability to out-sweat a sumo wrestler in a steam room...couple that with all the chubbiness and it makes us sound like a real delightful bunch.

{Hold on a minute while I go nuzzle my nose in his amazingness.}

Unfortunately, our people do not breed scrawny little waifs.

Just ask Lilly.

Yes, those are suntan marks in the creases of her elbows and forearms.

And upper arms.

And her thighs have two incredibly distinct sections.

I can't help but think of the XXL Turkey Drumsticks at the Texas State Fair when I look at that leg of hers.

And this one makes me think of a package of Jimmy Dean sausage.

Today, against all good judgment, we dressed up the kids and their cousins for family pictures outside.

Have I mentioned that we are in Dallas?

Where even the crickets sweat in their sleep?

And the best light is at 7 o'clock p.m., when even my shins spontaneously sweat as I move closer to the door?

But I don't notice because I'm frantically drying the sweat that's drizzling down my back and into my underwear?

So anyway, brilliance on our part!

The photographer came to my parents house where the scenery was beautiful, the kids were bribed with fudgesicles, and I think we've got ourselves a winning photo if we were going for the look of "our-family-just-held-hands-and-walked-through-Niagara-Falls."


Mandie said...

Hey the Niagara Falls look is a GREAT look. I was sweating the same way at our family portraits except that it was a cool 70 degrees. So, what's my problem? Those pics of Lilly are the cutest things I have ever seen!

Kelly said...

with that title, i thought you were going to be writing about eating your way across texas. :) love those chubby thighs! (how come it "so cute" on a baby but not so attractive on mommies?)

Amy said...

Why you come here in the summer is beyond me. Love the chunks. I eat them every day.