Sunday, July 26, 2009

62 and Fab

Guess whose birthday was yesterday?

My mom is amazing and I am hoping to look half as good as she does when I turn 40. 

{In hindsight, all of that sunbathing in my teens was probably not such a good idea.}

We had a great day celebrating and she had lots of helpers when it was time to eat cake.

The troops wanted to put 62 candles on top of the cake, but we opted for a smaller amount.

By the way, the cake is my new fave. And I do not say that lightly about chocolate cakes. This will be my new go-to recipe for special occasions and afternoon cravings.

(In fact, the reason there is but a slice left on Mom's actual birthday is because we ate the rest of it the night before. Um...could. not. wait.)


I have someone I want to introduce to you.

He is delicious, soft, kissable, and his even his knees are chock full of chunky goodness.

I got to meet Brandon, my almost 4 month-old nephew, for the first time!

He and I have already become very close.

Do you see something he has in common with Lilly?

{No...he does not armpit fart with a straw.}


My favorite moment of the whole time (so far) has been when Jackson sang "Amazing Grace" to him...complete with "My Chains are Gone."

I think Brandon loved it.

In other news, we have been swimming approximately 9,000 hours a day.

Because of the HEAT.

That's why Brandon wore his surfboard attire.

He loves a theme! 

Just like his aunt...


Holly said...

oh I love a thumb sucker - he is so cute!