Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Can't Spell HOT without M-E-X-I-C-O

Not that I need an excuse for barely posting on my own blog anymore, but I've been traveling a bit.

Think smothering humidity, inhaling saltwater, and swine flu.

I know! The place of dreams!

Actually, it was the place of dreams, and being a dweller of the mountain desert, I don't even mind mixing in humidity for a week here and there.

Especially when humidity involves amazing friends, beautiful water, and FOOD.

This could likely be a 7 part mini-series (or more realistically, I'll start off strong and then never finish the rest), but while I have five minutes, I'll upload a few pictures at random and comment on them.

By the way, I didn't actually take any of these pictures...I just mooched them off some talented friends with fancy cameras.

Oh, and one more disclaimer...just know that I feel completely foolish having so many pictures a trip. 

If Brad & I were newly married, I'd relish the pictures of togetherness and feel joyous about dropping off my roll of film to get developed (in an HOUR!) and then I'd bring those pictures home (wondering, just wondering(!) if I'd gotten any good ones) and frame them in some ridiculously shiny silver frames we got for our wedding.

But now, these photos have been edited, and cropped, and fancified, and digitized, and put on the blog to go down in infamy.

Like Ethan's sweaty knees:

Did I mention it's balmy with a chance of sweltering heat in Mexico?

People keep asking where we went and I'm embarrassed to say I'm not really sure. Somewhere south of Cancun or Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen and the resort was called "Dreams." 

I'm still deciding if that's more or less cheesy than Sandals or Secrets.

But I don't care...they gave us bathrobes, comfy sheets, a fancy shower, and a chocolate dessert in my room before bed.

Also, the ocean "breeze" was...strong.

Oh, look! It's us again! Posing by the lovely marina! With atrocious tan lines!

A sweet friend let me borrow her maxi (pad) dress. I tried to block out from my mind that she uses this as part of her maternity wardrobe.

And look--the gold sandals before they kissed fire and lived to tell about it.

I--the one who knows a negative amount of information about photography--am loving these pictures in natural light.

I know they are "noisy," but they look so warm and cozy. That bright ol' flash tends to draw attention to the fact that I only get my hair highlighted twice a year.

See this?

That would be the adults only pool. My sweet home away from home. 

On the other side of the resort, loud music drowned out the pool scene and kids were *shudder* splashing around and having the time of their lives.

Over here, we settled for "I Will Survive" every ten minutes in Muzak. Also, at one point, there was a 20-minute jam session of "Hotel California," complete with the Mexican version of Don Henley (who sounded suspiciously like SkippyJon Jones).

Now, I know this next shot looks like a bunch of vagrants at a bus stop...

...but alas, it's just us getting ready to recreate one of our favorite Mexican memories in the lobby of the hotel.

I love that the hotel staff doesn't call us names (in English) when we request a photo op of the Large American Pyramid in the very nice hotel lobby.

But in homage to 2006, it had to be done.

Now, next we have this cute little gazebo, indicated as a "romantic spot" by a heart on the resort map.

And nothing says 10 years of passionate romance like Nicole & Brad in their tattered, grey pajama pants by moonlight.

(Thank you for allowing me to spelling "grey" with an E...I like it that way best.)

Ok, so my amazing mom has finished my pedicure and I will continue Part Dos manana.

As a teaser, I leave you with this:

and the title for my post: The Hottest, Sweatiest, Lizardiest Day of My Life.


Donna's Book Nook said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time in humid 'ole Mexico! Looking forward to the 2nd part in your mini-series.