Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Super Mario Bros--Birthday Edition

I've been putting off blogging about Jackson's party because:
a) it would require admitting we didn't actually have the party until 7 weeks after his real birthday
b) I'd rather run naked down the highway than upload pictures to blogger
c) I am lazy.

But I am stranded in the Wichita, Kansas airport for what is unfolding to be the rest of my life, so I might as well get 'er done.

So hey! We did it!!!

Jackson wanted a Super Mario theme and I'm all about making (inexpensive) dreams come true.

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, I think it should be stated that this party was planned a mere 24 hours in advance.

The party was scheduled to be held Saturday at 10 a.m.

Friday morning at 5 a.m., I awoke in a very hot, sweaty, wet, panicky sweat and realized I had a lot to do and 29 hours in which to do it.

{insert more panic and irrational hysterics}

So I headed to my arch-nemesis, Wal-Mart, and found everything I needed (including workout tops for $7.)

((Shopping Tip #1: You should never focus so much on the task at hand that you miss a bargain.))

Oh, and one more thing...this will probably seem really random if you haven't watched or played hours of Mario Kart...but just go with me.

What do you think of the Chomp Chain and Pirhana Plants?

They were handcrafted from a soccer ball pinata and some styrofoam balls.

Remember this sweet, ginormous cupcake from Lilly's 4th birthday?

It also works fabulously as a 1Up mushroom!

I also made a cake that resembles {cough} the screen from the original Mario Bros. 

Riding on top is Mario in the Kart that I begged and pleaded for at Game Stop. (long story)

When the peeps arrived, they built all kinds of MarioKarts with legos. I'm sure it wasn't distracting that most of the legos are Star Wars and Indiana Jones themed.

Oh, and of course, there were mini 1UP cupcake appetizers.

Next, Party Dad explained the plan.

Game 1: Pop the TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY balloons we blew up in less than 29 hours and gather the coins.

{We used an air compressor, but STILL. My fingertips were nubs from all the tying.}

Next up...King Boo! 
The exciting party game of Corn Hole transformed into the spectacular King Boo bean bag toss.

Jackson came up with the next game...the Soda Spray. (Apparently there is a Mario Party mini game that involves spraying soda cans for height.)

Brad and I used nails to make teeny openings in the cans...

...then the boys shook them up...

...and sprayed away.

I'm sure you've already figured this out, but 13 boys spraying 2 or 3 cans of Lemon Lime Wonder Drink each created an incredible sheen in my hair that was both sticky and beautiful.

Finally, we rescued Princess Peach.

I think this game goes by "Steal the Bacon" in most schoolyards.

We divided the kids into teams and assigned them Mario character names.

If you've ever been around first grade boys, then you know they couldn't remember if they were Luigi or Donkey Kong.

I think I'm going to collect beat-up Barbies and market them for the Rescue Princess Peach Game! 

I'm sure they will sell like hotcakes since there are very few mangled Barbies in homes across America.

These next few pictures showcase what I love best about Jackson...and remind me that he is all boy.

He loves playing games and being with friends.

He likes walks in the park and fires on the beach.

He is tough as nails and is known as "The Cute Enforcer."

And cleans himself with his own saliva.

Coming to eHarmony soon...

Alrighty...if you're still reading, here is the Big 7 year-old with his cake. This is the chocolate one (the mushroom was pound cake) because he is a chocoholic. 

Jackson, we love you!! 29 hours of panic and planning was more than worth it to see your smiles, big eyes, and downright bliss as you enjoyed your party.

Next year, our theme is going to be "watch a really long movie and make creative concotions from whatever is already in the pantry."



sue.g said...

You are truly Super Mom and I love you for it!!

jen@odbt said...

What a cool party. You should submit this to Tip Junkie. You are one brave lady for hosting that many 1st grade boys and then spray soda. You rock!

Tricia said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT. Absolutely.

Alli said...

These kids are going to 1) look for the perfect spouse for ever and 2) remember these perfect parties for ever. You are genius.

Amy said...

You are so freakin' creative! Martha Stewart without the jail time! Jackson is blessed to have such cool parents.

Carrie said...

Your birthday parties always look should really write a book about them.

Melissa said...

Very cool! We have a birthday party coming up. . .I might borrow your idea for the cupcake pan!