Thursday, May 08, 2008

You Know I Just Love the Written Word

Don't we all remember the first signs we created and posted on the door of our bedrooms?

And these signs always have the same theme: KEEP OUT MY SIBLING(S), YOU ARE DRIVING ME NUTS.

(I would say KEEP OUT MY SIBLING(S), I AM GOING BONKERS, but the memory still stings.)

So, Jackson, being the oldest child and the only one with any concept of how to write semi-coherently, has begun to hone his craft.

Don't get me wrong...Lilly writes like crazy but it usually goes something like this:

Lilly: "Mom, look what I wrote! What does it say?"

Mom: "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

(I am studying a piece of paper that says ARSFETLILLYFEWIMNBMOMFREKFJS.)

Mom: "That actually doesn't spell anything."

Lilly: With faux-drama and crushed spirit. "I was just trying to write 'I love you, Mom. You're the best Mom ever and I just want to write anything to make you happy.'"

Mom: "That's exactly what I thought it said. I was just testing you."

So last week, Jackson rolled out Bedroom Door Message 1.0:

Sometimes girls begin the sign-on-the-door era with some cuteness/craftiness. You know, writing things like "Nicole's Totally Radical Room Where Awesomeness Lives" in bubble letters and glitter pens.

The whole process to draw, color, and perfect the signage would probably take around three hours. Meanwhile, the end product did not look all that spectacular.

But boys, they are practical beings.

And they are a little more direct and do not love the cuteness in the same way girls do. Or at all.

So far as I can tell, the male species are clear communicators. No word-mincing or room for confusion.

And in case you are Jacksons's younger sister (who, I might add, cannot even read these precious sentiments) he goes on:

Can you feel the love?


Lisa @ Take90West said...

Looks familiar! Only I keep ripping those darn signs down, because they drive me crazy.