Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Posting Pictures of Bloody Clothing Doesn't Seem Quite Right

So, I wanted to show y'all the awesome pieces of my wardrobe that are now covered in A-positive (or whatever) blood that formerly belonged to my daughter.

However, my idea was to go online and copy the pictures of clean, for-sale, blood-free clothes so you get the idea. I really don't want to get gruesome on you...I just wanted to begin another round of the fashion fiesta.

But when I went to Lucy to borrow their photo of my shirt, it was gone. Guess they've sold out because their clothing rocks. Actually it Rocks, with a capital R. 

The excitement about their Rockin' (or is it Rocking? that seems geriatric) continues because they are finally going to open a store in the South Denver area. I've been traveling to Phoenix and Dallas to acquire their apparel (on my private jet) so just piling in the 'Burb and heading to the mall will be a lot easier and more time efficient.

Also because I don't have a jet. 

I really wanted to post a picture of the newly-bloodied white jacket because it too, Rocks. It is from the Gap where I hardly ever spend any money at all. None.

And instead of purchasing white jeans--which I wanted to do, but my greater fashion sense kicked in and forbade me--I purchased a white denim jacket. That might bring some of us back to our "Tiffany" days, but I felt a sense of peace about the whole deal.

Tiffany couldn't possibly lead me astray in fashion or musical choices. No way.

I had a bunch of "Bucks Back" (because I never shop there) so I think the jacket was actually close to free. Let's all choose to see the good news about that instead of the bad.

In other fashion bulletins, I am back to my winter wardrobe because it was butt freezing cold here and there were flurries in the air. IN MAY.

My psyche is very tender in spring and can't take all this teasing, especially after spending time in actual warm climates in the last month or so. 

Right now, I'm going to turn on the bed-warmer, put on my flannel pajamas and just go freeze to death. 

Because apparently, that's what you do during springtime in Colorado.


Jessica said...

ah, go ahead and post the pictures. we're all adults here, and i'm sure we've all seen our fair share of ER and/or grey's anatomy over the years!
sorry about your jacket. hate it when that happens...

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Are you going to wear that white jean jacket when you go out a purchase the new NKOTB cd? :)