Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only Read This if You Have Read the Rest of the Internet And Are Bored Silly

I have some exciting news.

I know it's hard to top bike-riding and dancing with Elvis, but I'll try.

Actually, this post will in no way top either of those, but I wanted to start with a catchy lead like I learned in journalism school. 

Or sixth grade. Whatever.

Remember that corner in my bedroom that was causing me great stress? Some might have seen it as versatile, with the ability to pay bills, work out, and blog all at once.

I, however, saw it as a vivid nightmare that literally kept me awake at night. Not even Tylenol PM could subdue the demons whirling around barren 2x4s and a Costco folding table. Never underestimate the power of an improperly used seasonal tablecloth. 

Just don't.

So anyway, this is how it looks now:

I know!

Empty! And Gorgeous!

Those cords are definitely a smidge(!) ghetto, and someday will be covered with this:

YES! I AM SERIOUS! We are back in the furniture-sitting bidness. That beauty is actually residing in my very own bedroom. Because Brad and I are experienced, veteran, and cheap Furniture Sitters (For Hire).

After our friends moved into their new house and were done needing armoire caretakers, we had yet another set of friends move in right around the corner.

Their new family room couldn't accommodate this beautiful beast, so we are tending to it with great love and concern until they need it again. We secretly hope that is never, but realistically it might be a few months from now. Either way we win.

We wanted to move the armoire to the right a few feet to cover the cords, but the TV currently inside of the armoire is miniature and doll-house sized, so even if we move it a few inches, we'll still need binoculars in combination with a looking glass and kaleidoscope to see the screen.

In other great developments, we got a ceiling fan in our bedroom!

To give some perspective, in our last house, which we inhabited for five looooooong years, we never had a ceiling fan. (Or ANY overhead lighting for that matter, but I am busy repressing that.)

For reasons unto an entirely separate blog, we kept thinking we were going to move (over and over and over again), so spending $100 bucks on a fan seemed futile at best.

But when I sleep (and I do mean WHEN) I enjoy a lovely breeze. The alternative, it seems, is laying in a warmish pool of my own sweat. Which continues the vicious cycle of NO SLEEP.

Opening windows is a bad option, because there is some serious construction going on down the street where it is important to start work very early and we live in the windiest portion of America and the wind blows into our house at hurricane force levels (based on personal observation, not science.) 

(But my personal observations are usually incredibly scientific.)

(I think having a strong opinion is a really big part of science.)

(But I'm not for sure and my grades will attest to the fact that I didn't pay much attention while the scientific method and other sciencey things were explained.)


Did you know the International Space Station doesn't have a functioning toilet? It just broke and they don't have the parts to fix it.)

***I promise to never talk about science again on this blog***

So now, I am safely and decoratively moved into the comfort and warmth of the main office, Brad has moved into his Big Boy Office, and Jackson and Lilly are building space ships with their Legos that include snack bars serving Starbucks drinks.

(Cue Forrest)

"And that's all I have to say about that." 



Queen B said...

Furniture sitting is an especially good idea.

Total Win-Win.

I may advertise my services.

Mandie said...

I loved the quick little science lesson you gave there! The international space station thing has me totally grossed out. What are they doing in the mean time?

Also, I think furniture sitting is a wonderful idea!

Amy said...

Yay for your new fan! I'm with you, I can't stand to be hot when I sleep! And surprisingly enough I think pregnant and August in Texas are not going to be a good combination in my cute little house that was built in 1942. I'm currently cranking the a/c down to 65 at night for mere survival, I can't imagine how bad August will be. I'm probably moving out for the month.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

How does one get in the furniture sitting business? I would like to apply.

You are a science prodigy...