Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Forgot to Mention the Part About Braking

Being a first born, I am learning a ton about being the younger child in a family by a) being married to one and b) raising one (or at least pretending to.)

Lilly, a contestant for Miss Fierce and Determined 2008, decided that she wanted to ride a bike without training wheels because that's what Jackson does. And she is not one to be left out. 

Of Anything.

(See heavy interest in Star Wars, death, war, and carnage of all kinds.)

The other thing about second children is that sometimes the events of life unfold before your very eyes without much warning or planning. 

With Jackson, we planned special family times to practice bike riding at the park, take off the training wheels, and celebrate his Big Accomplishment with ice cream and phone calls to loved ones.

With Lilly, I looked out the window and two neighbor girls were teaching her to ride her 2-wheeler.

All I got was an invitation to bring my video camera outside and watch:

She's not exactly proficient yet (the difference between taking steps and actually walking) but she is well on her way.

I hope you also noted that for two days straight, she's been wearing a white Power Ranger glove on one hand.

I don't know:
a) where it came from
b) how she got it
c) what the Power Rangers are
d) if she's joined a gang
e) if this white glove matches any of the summer dresses that she refuses to wear
f) how it relates to Michael Jackson

But because she is the second born, I'm just rolling with it.



Holly said...

Just in time for the Tour de France - good job Lil!

I still have the MJ THriller album if she wants to borrow...

Mandie said...

YAY Lilly!! It's so fun to watch them ride. Lanie and Pax want to watch that video over and over. If you don't see me at the club it's because we're at home watching Lilly ride her bike.

Amy said...

Ok, that Lilly, she is a pistol! I love this whole story, especially the part about the Power Ranger glove. And if Cory and I are ever blessed with a second child, the poor kid is on their own. They'll be SURROUNDED by first borns. Lilly needs to be thankful she has Brad. Ha ha... ac

Lisa @ Take90West said...

If she keeps wearing that glove, pretty soon she'll be moonwalking instead of riding her bike!