Saturday, May 31, 2008

They Don't Make Field Day Like They Used To

Back in the 80's, Field Day was the end-all-be-all grand finale to the school year.

It was competitive, vicious, and involved bragging rights until the losing class got tired of being mocked and the teachers lectured us on sportsmanship. 

In fact, my friends and I practiced Field Day events with greater vigor than I dedicated to any academic pursuits. Which of course, isn't really saying much, but it does explain why I love a good sack race and know the proper technique to win at tug-of-war.

Well, sports fans, times have changed. Now Field Day is about FUN! And having a GREAT TIME! 


Just kidding, I am on board with Field Day having no losers because that is exactly what the rest of life will be like!

Just kidding again. (Kind of).

Anyway, Jackson's Field Day this year had an Olympic theme, which actually made it really enjoyable.

And now that I am a mom and not an overly-competitive P.E. student, it does make me happy to see the kids simply having a great time instead of worrying that they placed 5th in the 100 meter dash.

In the name of team spirit, they played game of 12-versus-12 badminton. Jackson has a great follow-through and may be on track to be the next Roger Federer. (I am at a loss to name any great badminton stars, so I figured tennis was a close-enough parallel.)

Lilly couldn't contain her enthusiasm and cheered with gusto for the entire 2 hours:
If any of y'all want a bite of her cheeks, well, you just can't have one. They're mine, all mine.

In lieu of actual metal hurdles on a track, the kids jumped over boxes. It was part steeplechase, part 110 meter race. I think Edwin Moses' records are safe based on the scouting report from this group of kids.

You will love the interpretation of Olympic cycling:

I think Jackson's quads were burning in a very similar way to Lance Armstrong's when he rides through the Alps. 

And lastly, (start humming) which ones of these doesn't look like the other? Which one of these just doesn't belong?
I believe the four year-old thought she was IN CHARGE of the kindergarten class. Most of my time at Field Day was spent restraining her from spontaneously joining in the activities and upstaging the actual participants.


And y'all have a great weekend. I'm off to eat some steak. 


Mandie said...

Jackson looks like such an athlete! Great action shots! I totally agree with you about not allowing kids to be winners/losers.

tootie said...

I don't blame her for wanting to join in. It looks fun!

Yumm..Ruth Chris! Enjoy your meal. That place is de-lish.

(P.S Thanks for the nice comment! I'll be running the San Antonio marathon in November.)

Suzy said...

Woah man, that steak is killer!!! Canada has like, one steak house. And it's a mile down the road. And the cow is alive and eating grass in a pasture.

Meg said...

perhaps jackson rowell will be the first badminton "star" that anyone can name...

Holly said...

exactly... whats up with the "everyone gets a blue ribbon"

Lisa @ Take90West said...

As on overly competitive PE student myself, I agree with you...somebody has got to lose! (As long as it is not my kid.)

Our last day is Friday and it is Field Day too. When I was a kid being outside for field day sounded so fun, now that I'm old, standing out in a field with no shade under the hot sun for 4 hours sounds a little bit more like H-E-L-L.