Monday, November 02, 2009

You Know I Am Wearing It Right Now

I interrupt the Disney Madness to offer you proof that I've officially lost my mind.

File this lapse in fashion judgment with the Crocs and character t-shirts.

Except worse.

Way worse.

I've gone the way of infomercials and crossed to the dark side of insanity.

Y'all, I bought a Snuggie. (And so did my mom.)

Although the Orlando days were a perfect temperature, the night air, combined with my insatiable desire to see as many shows/parades/fireworks extravaganzas as possible led to some interaction with chilly weather.

I'd been secretly longing for a Snuggie (or honestly, a Slanket) for awhile. Every morning, I'd been unsuccessfully juggling my coffee, books, pencils, Bible study lessons, laptops, and occasionally, balls...all while trying to stay warm under a blanket.

This led to much spilt coffee, pencils lost in the abyss of my chair, and general frustration.

(You can see where this is going.)

I resisted buying a Snuggie because of:
a) the name
b) the electric blue airplane blanket color
c) it's on infomercials
d) it's also sold at fine retailers like Walgreens
e) mostly the color
f) but the name is terrible, too.

However, it became obvious on the vacay that some sort of blanket coverage was necessary for us to see Fantasmic.

And if I was going to spend money on a blanket, it WAS going to have sleeves, and it WAS going to be a Snuggie.

Much to my delight, the local Orlandian Walgreens carried a leopard print Snuggie!

Glory in the highest!

(Dad, what are you doing in this picture?!)

Fearful of me bringing (greater) shame to our household, Brad balked at the spending of $14.99.

But approximately 2 minutes into the show, he was begging for forgiveness and searching his Blackberry for the 2-headed version that we could share.

{Come to find out, that's the "Slanket Siamese" and while I don't think it's the best choice for us, if you are into being close and not moving for awhile, it might be nice.}

Since getting home, the Snuggie has pretty much become a beloved member of our family.

It's been on a trip to the mountains and even comes with me to friends' houses with suspect heat situations like our own (aka husbands who freeze out their wives).

It waits patiently each morning on my chair, welcoming my coffee and me with a gentle purr and invitation for warmth and love.

So it goes without saying that the kids are getting them for Christmas and Brad may have some Texas Tea under the tree.

I opened Photo Booth to take a picture of me in it right this very moment, but we both would've regretted it in the morning.

My Leopard Lovely is fleece...but there ARE microfiber versions available. Had I known the great attachment and love I would feel towards an inanimate object (that is neither flip flops nor coffee), I would've shopped around a little more.

But I didn't know that $14.99 could make a girl so happy.


Holly said...

HA! They had Snuggies on sale at King Soopers tonight and I was seriously debating the purchase, but I could hear Ty saying, "YOU BOUGHT WHAT???"

Donna's Book Nook said...

I almost bought a snuggie, but the fleece put me off. I always end up with static cling where fleece is concerned. I think I might try to find the microfiber version.

I always love it when something for $14.99 can make me ecstatically happy! Donna

Kari said...

Do you know how long I've been making fun of those??? Now I'll make fun of you...

Robin said...

Ok, I have seriously wanted one of those forever but was too self-conscious to wear one even in the privacy of my own home. But if cool Nicole can wear one, I can too. I informed Josh today that it's officially on my Christmas list.

Amy said...

Own it, girl. I've been dying to get the pink, Susan G. Komen snuggie for weeks now. I keep passing it in the Walgreen's and talking myself out of it. But at $14.99 I have no idea why. It even comes with a free booklight.

KimBeau Hughes said...

Cousin, I am embarrassed for you. I just clicked on your Slanket link, and Beau looked over, laughed, and said, "Ha ha. Is she making fun of those?" And I was like, "Kind of, but she HAS one!" Ha ha. I love you. Some things are too great to have shame over!