Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Random Look Organized

We've been home from Disney World for almost a month now and my mind is still full of untold fables and lore from our amazing time there.

However, I think most of these fables and lore are going to stay in my mind because I AM TIRED.

I've started getting out Christmas stuff, planning holiday cheer, taking Jackson to the orthodontist, and trying to shower at least every other day. So, in addition to tired: BUSY.

I picked out five more pictures since that's all Blogger will allow me to upload at once and I thought I'd share them, and then MOVE ON from all the Disney.

This was probably my favorite moment:


Now the best thing about going to Disney over Fall Break is that lines were non-existent. We'd exit Thunder Mountain and run (because walking is too slow) back around to the front of the line and not have to wait even a little bit.

Pretty much our only wait was for Mickey himself.

Come to find out, in Disneyland he wanders the property freely and you can find him on the grounds.

Not so much in Orlando. You have to go to his house where he is waiting just for YOU.

Minnie's house is next door, where you get to wait for her. I always thought they were married, but now I'm wondering if they're brother and sister? In a Luke and Leia sort of way? But I think they've kissed in some Disney specials so I'm not clear. Perhaps Mickey is dating Daisy.

Anywho, after waiting for about an hour, we walked into a little room where we'd get to have some quality time alone with Mr. Mouse. Lo and behold, his sister/wife was with him!!

The kids' eyes (and ours, honestly) lit up like spaceships.

And of course, The Mice acted like they had been waiting, just waiting for us to arrive. I am completely dazzled at the Disney cast members' ability to make each visitor feel so special.

If we ran into Mickey in a bar, I think he'd remember our names and slap us on the back.

Or at least nod knowingly.

Here we are at Epcot:
The craziest part of Epcot was running into our next door neighbors who we didn't even know were at Disney World.

Other than that, Epcot was a little underwhelming.

Did I already show you this picture at the Spectromagic Parade? I can't remember.

The sabers of light and magic are still in hot demand around here.

Kind of like the swords we got at Sea World a few years ago. Because you know, Sea World = swords.

This next photo cracks me up because it screams of our Leg and Joint Failure on Day 6.
(And also shows where my horrible photography skillz come from.)

We were only paces away from the park exit, but couldn't take another step. NOT ONE.

Like vagrants at a bus stop, we just sat and waited hoping our location would change despite the fact that we weren't moving.

The babes WALKED through these four ginormous parks, from parking lot to tram to monorail to park to seven thousand rides to the queues and all back again for six days straight.

No strollers, no nothing...fueled only by ice cream and EXCITEMENT.

So when the excitement ran out, so did our legs.

{A quick shout-out to my Reefs, which propelled me the ENTIRE TIME in great comfort and airy-ness. I really hate socks, so the flops were phenomenal.}

Oh, and lastly, here's Splash Mountain:

Both Jackson and Lilly declared this their favorite ride. I really have no idea why, but they loved getting wet during the big drop.

I rode it once, but the temperature dipped below 85, which means COLD FRONT.

Our initial voyage soaked me so badly that my underwear was sopping for at least 5 hours. Um, not comfortable.

Therefore, due to great experience and training, I took over as photographer.

Brad only raised one hand because he had just texted me to herald the arrival of their Splash Mobile and was praying it wouldn't get wet.

Even though there are over 250 more pictures from All The Fun, I will spare you (and myself, really) from them.

Instead, I'm going to go eat some cookie dough and review the changes our benefits package for next year. So all in all, exciting!

See ya real soon!


Carrie said...

I think Mickey and Minnie are just dating. I always thought Donald and Daisy were married too but I think they are also just dating...but then where did those little ducks come from (Huey, Duey, Louie)? Nobody shares a house in Toon Town, maybe it's not in the Disney code