Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Barbeque Day!

That's turkey for us this year. After Brad and I spent last Thanksgiving on the phone with my mom for an hour trying to get the turkey's neck out of his cavity, we decided to go the ribs and chicken route.

Picture two "adults" on the phone, both wearing gloves to our elbows, alternately screaming and making gagging sounds.

(Yes, Brad was screaming, too.)

No one, not one person, told me that buying a turkey yourself involved excavating it's own body parts and a bag of gizzards (if that word isn't gross enough by itself) from the bird.

So, pig it is.

Our little Indian Princess wants to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving:

Do you see the headband she got at school? The one she randomly chose from several her teacher made?

Hmmmm....ironic, don't you think?

I think she is better off as a Pilgrim anyway.

And for those of you who share a gene pool with me, here is the boy as well:

We love you, we miss you, holidays aren't the same without you. In my deep sorrow, I will bury my face in some ribs and breakfast burritos.



Anonymous said...

i miss you so much on thanksgiving, its our holiday! its just not the same with out you nicole! i wonder if i will ever out grow missing chicago on thanksgiving?? i hope your ribs are good! i am sure grans stuffing tomorrow will be the best she has ever made, sorry you wont be here to enjoy it! miss and love you! :)


Brenda said...

I had a few minutes of Pity Party missing you. Sure wish we could clone just for the holidays. I love the photos of the kids. I really cracked up at Lilly's headband. She is just so much fun. Happy Black Friday to you and yours. Lots of love