Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming in Spring of '09

Do you remember these girls?

They recently rocked the house singing "Silent Night" at the preschool Christmas program. 

Truth be told, it was more of a lip sync, but the off-key, a capella version that Lilly practiced at home will be the one I etch in my memory.

Apparently the girls are on a spiritual high, because they recently informed me that they're starting a Bible Study.

I can only imagine it will be full of fantastic teaching, deep sharing, and lots of personal growth.

"So girls," I asked them, "What are you going to do at Bible study?"

{I pause, waiting for some profound spiritual truths to come rolling off their tongues.}

"We're going to pass around a sign-up."


"What are you signing up for?" 

I tilt my head and squint optimistically.


I readily admit that excellent food and a cute notebook add more to a good Bible study than they probably should.

Mostly, I'm hoping the girls go with a MOPS format and include a guest speaker who shares on topics like "Cheerful Room Clean Up," "You're FIVE--Start Sharing!!!!" and "Beyond Macaroni and Cheese."

For the record, our next Bible study leaders did not learn this from their mothers.

Oh, and here's the coveted "Silent Night" footage.

I am DEAD SERIOUS PEOPLE when I say that immediately after filming, she said, "Now will you let me do a silly version?"


Holly said...

how did you film that without dying?

Joel said...

She's not your child at all

Jules from "The Roost" said...

That is great! I mean great! I love a gal that snacks while she studies ;)

Alli said...

I just laughed so hard I think I might have split my gut. She is so stinking cute!

Elgard said...

This video is currently #1 with Hads (even over Barney - shocking). She points at the computer and says, "I see Yi-yeee sing?" and then "sings" along.

Robin said...

Yeah, that last comment was ME, not Josh :o)

Jason, Angie and Brady said...

Hilarious blog!!! I don't think I've ever been to a Bible Study where there hasn't been a signup sheet. It's only fitting that a five year old Bible study would have one too. I want to hear the silly version of Silent Night.

(Hi, I'm Angie, I wandered over here from Robin's blog...nice to meet you!) :)

Courtney V said...

HILARIOUS!! I'm so glad there was something that made me laugh until I snorted after getting all teary and emotional reading Lilly's b-day post.