Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Which I Blog About Everyone's Underwear but Mine

No, I didn't forget about the tree pictures, but my computer is in the shop.

I dropped it off at the Apple Store's "Quick Drop," which is actually NOT quick, but closer to 48 hours.

Needless to say, without my computer for so long, I am breathing into a brown paper sack to keep from hyperventilating.

I didn't know that "Quick Drop" was code for "Two Days Without My Vital Organs" until after I handed it over.

When I heard "Quick Drop," my plan was to scoot over to Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma, then swing back by to pick it up.

Not so much.

(And just to spite me, Williams-Sonoma didn't even have any Peppermint Bark samples. Whatever.)

Oh well, I am back on my loud-as-a-jet PC, with the screen so far away that I can barely see it.

And I never realized that I spent most of my time reading/typing/researching very important Christmas gifts and "news" from the kitchen island.

While chained to the old ghetto Dell all by my lonesome, I feel like I'm on Survivor's Exile Island while everyone else is ringing sleigh bells and making yuletide gay in the family room.

As for the advent update, yesterday we hid all of our Christmas books and the kids searched the house for them, then we cozied up for a nice read.

A friend completely outdid me and WRAPPED her Christmas books. How great is that?

We didn't talk numbers, but I hid 33 books and that would be a heck of a lot of wrapping for dog-eared books with missing pages. But I still think it's mighty fun for the Young Present Openers.

Today was our day to get out the nativity sets and start to pose the characters in unlikely scenarios (why do the kids insist on putting everyone on the roof?)

I really think every home in America should own a Little People Nativity Set, because they are so dang cute and my kids STILL love it.

The kids also like putting M&M's and Hot Tamales in the feeding trough for the donkey and a few mechanics who wandered over from the Racin' Ramps Garage.

Our other grown-up nativity set was a wedding present. Isn't that a great idea?

(I am taking donations for the Willow Tree set in case you just won big in Vegas.)

Do you know what Advent Fabulousness takes place tomorrow?

Underwear day!

I am including Brad this year because it has been brought to my attention that his boxers look more like tennis skirts than a true pair of shorts.

(And the "World's Greatest Dad 2004" pair are looking more like a consolation prize than a Father's Day gift.)

Here's my little undies jingle that I printed out for Jackson and Lilly's advent calendar clue (one year I got really delirious and made up rhymes for each day):

"Under" your clothes you wear this pair,
Look under your tree, they will be there!

For everyone's comfort, I will not be including pictures.

And yes, OF COURSE, Lilly's have the days of the week on them.

(Brad's do not.)



Holly said...

then how does Brad know what day of the week to take his shower???

Meg said...

your stories about the nativity set & all the strange positions & visitors made me think of a nativity tradition from spain i thought was hilarious (although other americans gasp in horror).

the caganer.

he is a little man with his pants down answering the call of nature. you can even buy them in support of your favorite sports team.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I love that you have a nativity out for the kids. You are right it is SO funny how they pose them & feed them ;) We might need to see a picture of that!

Kari said...

Was that Vegas comment for me? I'm sorry I have nothing to give. We won .75 cents. I can buy you a piece of straw even though that isn't in the Willow Tree...