Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Tour Of Homes That Wasn't


I was all prepared to participate in BooMama's Christmas Home Tour, but I have realized I am lacking several key elements.

But still...did you see this guy in my wreath?

He is gorgeous. I have no idea what kind of bird he is, but I have ruled out cardinal and bluebird. 

And toucan.

(And flamingo.)

(I know more birds than I thought I did.)

But I find him to be very lovely in my Christmas wreath.

A home tour is best when the pictures are good. I have lighting and focusing and aiming issues, so pictures are not meant to be.

As if taking pictures on a regular day isn't hard enough, throw in a snowy day and some Christmas lights and my pictures look like I held the camera an inch away from a flourescent lightbulb--with the flash on for full effect--and clicked.

But just to be clear, I was trying.

Because I am all about mediocrity, here are a few high(low)lights.

My kitchen tree:

Sorry about the blinding, angelic light from the window.

Oh, and that's my old tree in the background (God rest her soul.)

Let me zoom in:

This is one of my favorite trees because all of the ornaments have to do with FOOD. 

And utensils. To make the food.

This SnowWoman (she is very empowered) and I are starting to become the same shape.

And how cute are these little baking cups I found at Hobby Lobby?!

I know, I swore my Christmas decorating budget was ZERO DOLLARS this year, but in a weak moment I found these cupcake papers.

It would have been irresponsible and reckless to leave them at Hobby Lobby, especially seeing as they were only 75 cents.

Of course, that doesn't account for the other $30(ish) dollars I spent that day, but it's not everyday you can just wander into a giant, outdated, ugly, disorganized store WITHOUT BAR CODES on their merchandise, wait in long lines, ingest fumes from China and walk out feeling wonderful.

Miraculous, really.

For those of you (and there are plenty, if my email inbox is any indication) who feel I am permanently harming my children without a main Christmas tree, rest assured we are decked out in other rooms.

I don't think I ever posted the photos of the kids' Christmas trees.

It is a little underwhelming, but know that Jackson and Lilly beam with satisfaction when they lead friends upstairs to show off their masterpieces.

Jackson went with a football theme:

And Lilly was having some light issues.

Um, yeah.

The bottom half of the ol' pre-lit, pink feather tree is OUT.

Clearly she compensated for lack of lights with some heavy ornamentation.

That concludes the Christmas Tour of Homes that I'm not even linking to BooMama because of SHAME.

Pure and simple shame.

I will do better next year.

Twelve foot slim, pre-lit, Hudson Fir, here I come.

Or you know, 8-foot ficus, here I come.



Meg said...

hmmm...the bird...he's certainly not in a pear tree, but could he be a partridge? i've never seen one myself, but it sounds christmasy.

Carrie from said...

Isn't that bird a pheasant? I think you did a great tour (found you from Google Blog Search! :). Based on your blog address, I was wondering if you're in Colorado? I'm doing a "highlights" tour of homes in Colorado tomorrow and would like to add yours if you live somewhere in this beautiful state!