Saturday, November 01, 2008

We Interrupt the Candy Breakdown to Say GO RED RAIDERS!!

I think I read in a parenting book somewhere that you're actually supposed to develop some sort of bedtime routines with your children.

That way, you can ensure that they do things like brush their teeth, take a potty break, and OH YEAH, get a good night's sleep.

Last night got a little ugly with some hardcore trick-or-treating and the neighborhood party.

And tonight?


We'd been prepping for the Texas Tech/Texas game since ESPN Gameday at 8 a.m. 

Jackson immediately pulled on his Red Raiders jersey and taunted his friends about Tech winning, even though they had no idea what he was talking about.

(To be clear, we don't teach taunting, but we may model top shelf trash-talking on very important occasions.)

(Like tonight when Tech sawed off those 'Horns.)

(And I may have taught Jackson the "down 'Horns" gesture. Maybe.)

Clutched in Jackson's sleeping hand was evidence of the great sportsmanship he's privileged to witness on a daily basis.

Sorry if that's a little hard to read.

Here you go:

My favorite illustration is the upside down longhorn.

And if you were the lady wearing the Texas shirt at the gym today, I apologize for his "down 'Horns!" outburst.

(But only because I have to.)



Spoiled Mommy said...

Too cute!!
What a wonderful memory to cherish!

Amy said...

Yay Jackson! Wreck 'em!