Saturday, November 01, 2008

Field of Poppies Re-enactment

There is some exhaustion at our house due to all the trick-or-treating.

Dorothy crashed in the one minute and thirty seconds it took to heat her hot chocolate.
As usual, she trekked through the neighborhood, slowly freezing to death, and vehemently denying it so she could continue to fill her candy back to the tippy top.

(Mission accomplished).

It reminded me of two years ago, when Violet Incredible trouped through the 'hood for so long that we thought she had frost bite.

(Did you see that hand?)

This just shows that our family has a healthy view of candy and doesn't elevate the pleasure of eating above death.

Oh, and we let her have M&M's for breakfast.

Is that a problem?

I am working on a thorough candy analysis and will be back with the delicious details sometime soon.



Holly said...

SO SWEET BUT...your true texas-ness is shining through with your "freezing" comments, it was 60!!! I miss J & L!