Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why I Blog

A Short Essay That May or May Not Bore You to Tears

Ever since a Blogging Peep posed the question a few weeks ago, I've been pondering why I blog. Silly to ask myself, probably, but it did stop and make me think.

I know why I started blogging: desperation.

And not the kind you think. I didn't need an escape or another community, support or a creative outlet. (Because you know I am fine being totally uncreative and just eating cookies and hanging out with friends and going to happy hour at Sonic a few--or several--times a week.)

It was desperation to simply share our lives with people we love.

Although Colorado is currently "home," it's not really home. It's where we live. 

It's Far, Far Away (we just watched Shrek) from both of our families.

Chicago, Texas, North Carolina, to name a few.


And I am probably the worst keeper-in-toucher you could imagine. 

So, realizing my gross inadequacy at sending pictures via email, writing short updates capturing Jackson and Lilly's latest craziness, and after failing to keep people informed as to our lives in general, I decided to start a blog.

I hesitated because it feels so impersonal.

I would rather write a detailed email or send a letter via snail mail. But it just doesn't get done.

Having a few anecdotes out there on the blog feels selfish. Like I am too busy to make contact with each of you, but if you make the effort to come to me, I'll be here!

You come to me! Ugh.

And even then, it is still such a small piece of our lives.

Someone in the blogosphere (I can't remember whom or I would give them credit) described the blog as a mere sliver of pie. 

With each post, people get a teeny slice of our lives. Not even close to the whole pie--the full picture of who we are, what our days are like, and of course, the many endeavors that we choose to withhold from the entire free world with internet access. (Imagine that.)

I started blogging (well for real, that is...there were a few stops and false starts along the way) after my kids were toddlers. Therefore, the big developmental milestones and rapid changes had slowed down considerably by the time I started sharing these snippets with loved ones.

Granted, there are still plenty of amazing and significant moments. But the rapid succession of teething, crawling, walking, and emptying entire drawers in less than ten seconds had passed.

(Praise. God.)

So for whatever reason, I came up with a bunch of other nonsensical "content." 



Home and auto disasters.

Food fantasies and recipes.



You know, stuff. 

I was told that all of those categories are too broad of a blogging focus and I need to clarify my purpose. 

But that randomness perfectly reflects my multi-tasking, haphazard, no two-days-alike life.

I love how something as small as a latte can make my day, how Lilly's wardrobe decisions crack me up, how Jackson oozes tenderness and ruggedness at the same time, and how shopping is just plain FUN. 

*******Beep beep beepbeepbeep beep***********

Speaking of which, Lilly spent all afternoon in her size 2T Tinkerball pajamas, brown and pink argyle knee socks, and hot pink furry snow boots.

Because she is Lilly.

*******Beep beep beepbeepbeep beep************

As a bonus, I've met and adore the other bloggers out there who share life in such a unique way. I love the fellow moms who share life's small victories, tears, and grand disasters without judgment or condescension.

I love laughing instead of crying (except when I laugh so hard I cry...which is often) and exchanging emails with people I may never meet but I somehow know are kindred spirits. 

(And I am positive they love Anne of Green Gables and Will Ferrell as much as I do.)

I love that our extended family has some clue of what's going on in our lives and that I don't have to keep a scrapbook to document all of the moments (precious and otherwise) that fly in and out of our garage door each day.

(Scrapbooks make me all shaky and tense and I AM AGAINST THEM and poor Lilly doesn't have so much as shreds of paper with dates written on them as to when she hit developmental phases. 

I just remember thinking things like, "That's when Jackson got teeth!" so hopefully she'll never ask.)

But another thing I love about the blog is that it's a place to record the insanely simple and fun daily blessings, giving God glory for each of His good and perfect gifts.

I am thankful beyond words to have some amazing girls in my life with who I regularly share my burdens, struggles, and thorns. We wrestle with tough truths in the Bible while pushing each other to live out our faith, work out our theology, and live sacrificially on a daily basis.

We ask challenging questions and have sworn to spur each other toward the best road...not the easy or even the good path.

However, those are conversations I love having in person. The blog is just not a good way for me to flesh out my convictions. (I really admire those who are brave enough to attempt that.)

I love to read blogs where people argue beliefs and challenge each other's thinking...but I am not ready to jump in on those conversations. I feel too limited, too misunderstood, and like I might have to be articulate or something.

Dude. No can do.

But I do feel that the blog is a great forum to capture the blissfulness and simplicity of my latest finds at the Gap.

It is also a great venue for Hair Talk, The Great Suburban Odyssey, and any and all things food.

I have no idea how many people show up each day to read the brain cell-emptying posts about tank tops and wonder how Brad and I were allowed to leave the hospital with live babies and no parenting license.

But I am so thankful they (YOU!) do. Thank you for the many emails, thank you for the comments, thank you for the encouragement that keeps this humble blog going.

Fo' real, yo.

Love it.

I can't promise I'll be blogging a month or a year from now. But for today it is great.

God has overwhelmed me yet again with grace and goodness in unexpected places.

I can just picture myself in heaven explaining this "blog" business to Moses. He will be picturing stone tablets and shaking his head.

Just like you are right now.



Queen B said...

I think that those are exactly the right reasons to be blogging. Great post.

Mandie said...

I don't care why you blog, I am just glad you do...

Amy said...

I'm so glad you blog :-) You're my inspiration. ac