Monday, June 09, 2008

Her Halo Rests on Her Horns

We were at the breakfast table discussing which princess dress Lilly could borrow to wear for an upcoming birthday party.

It wasn't going well.

Jackson: "Lilly, you just don't like anything girly."

Lilly: "YES I DO, Jackson!! I LOVE WITCHES!

Mom, can I wear my black, purple, and orange dress to the party?"

But she did borrow a short pink dress...which she wore with long khaki shorts and tennis shoes.

No crown.

No glass slippers.

And certainly no feather boas.

And today?

She rode her 2-wheeler all over the neighborhood.

Her blond, tangled hair hung below the backwards baseball cap.

And for all the talk about her not being girly, I love exactly who she is.

Lilly doesn't pretend to be someone she's not.

She doesn't fake loving things she doesn't.

And she will eat anything dipped in syrup.