Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stop Talking Like Yoda, I Cannot

I would just like to say that Jackson is way too sweet-looking to be a Jedi.


We are still recovering from all of the Star Wars fun on Friday. There is only so much Yoda Soda one can drink before the teeth start to rot and Yodaisms run through the blood veins and come out the mouth. Constantly.

I am super thankful for the 125 amazing Lego sets Jackson received that are underfoot no matter which way I step. The bottoms of my feet are covered with some lovely indentions that only Legos provide. And I think only one Lego Storm Trooper has suffered death under impact of my entire body weight.

Before I begin the photo journey through Jackson's party, let me say that I am sorry for the disorganization. It is WAY too hard to get all the pictures in the order I want them when Blogger only allows me to upload five at a time.

I'm sure I could go through and plan it out and number the pictures and make it all logical, but that would not be my style. And I am working on this while laying down and counting the minutes until bed, so don't expect much.

Below, you see our back"yard" or the Rock Quarry as we call it.  As much as we're dying to have grass, it did come in handy as a Jedi Training Course.

Um, that blue thing Jackson is riding in is a speeder bike. NOT a wagon. Just so we're clear.

Special guest appearance:

(Beep beep wheeeeewooo woo)

And do you know who this is?

I knew you would figure out that it's Han Solo frozen in carbonite! The Young Jedi had to rescue him from Jabba's palace.

They succeeded.

Check out J and the marshmallow blaster:

By my best calculations, it snowed about 7 million mini-marshmallows in the Quarry. The Jedi had a ball running around and blasting each other.

Only one shot hit me from point-blank range in the ear canal. 

I was ecstatic.

We hired out Darth Maul to warmly welcome and greet the boys:

Ah, the cake. In case you're not well versed in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, this is Mustafar. Obi-Wan and Anakin are battling with a Paning Droid looking on.

Don't worry...I didn't know all of that info off the top of my head. Numero Uno Jedi, Jackson, gave me the details. I just put the lava and volcanic matter where he told me to.

This was an Epic Battle to End All Epic Battles. I believe half the neighborhood watched from their front porches.

And the target of this Rebel Uprising, you ask?


His back was littered with lightsaber welts the next day. Sexy.

These goodies were part of the favors, along with pretzel rod lightsabers. Isn't it all about the food? 

Here is J trying to be ferocious.

Y'all, he just can't do it. Sweet to the core, is that boy.

And one for the road...

I sure hope pictures speak a thousand words because I am STILL tired. There are about 200 more pictures, which I have spared you from viewing.

However, if you are a relative or planning your own Star Wars Par-tay, shoot me an email and I'll send you a link to the rest o' the batch.




Beth said...

I am thoroughly impressed with your Star Wars knowledge; I would have had to take a refresher course to know that much.

You could be a profesional party planner, Nicole--way to go! Carly turns 3 in October--wanna help me start planning? :-)

Joel said...

i'm not a relative, or crazy enough to throw a party like that, but i still want the link, believe it or not. many laughs, those brought us.

Zach, Lauren, & Lainey said...

I am aLso neither a relative or party planner (does that make me a Jackson & Lilly stalker???) send the pics!

Amy said...

I am exhausted just looking at these. Am I ready for this? Probably not, that's why they first arrive as infants, not six-year-olds. I am very impressed with your creativity, and gorgeous child-making skills. I can't believe he's SIX!!! ac

Anonymous said...

The link to me send...not a relative or mom of boys am I either. Get enough of J's sweet face I cannot.

Beachy Mimi said...

What a cute party!! I am impressed. I am inviting you to participate in a meme over at Beachy Mimi!

Carrie said...

That backyard training course looked awesome, how'd you come up with that idea?