Thursday, April 10, 2008

Which Explains the Cramping in my Hands and Wrists

I have been BUSY working on my career in Guitar Hero. It was a sweet birthday gift from my mother-in-law that has taken over my life and that of my family. 

After coming home from a fabulous girls weekend in Phoenix, I promptly hugged the kids, sat them on the couch and said, "Let's watch Mom play Guitar Hero for about 5 hours."

They were beside themselves with excitement.

It's well-documented that the addictive effect of Guitar Hero is similar to meth, but does not come with twitching or weight loss. Just dreams of guitar strings and chords. Richie Sambora and Santana probably dream like that every night, but it's totally new for me.

Somehow years of piano lessons never really got to me in the same way...infiltrating my dreams and causing me to think about the VERY NEXT opportunity I would get to sit and play the piano for hours. However, I am working on a theory that the piano lessons might have helped my hand-eye coordination and propelled me to a future of Guitar Hero Excellence. 

I am becoming all that my parents dreamed!


Joel said...

I'm so disappointed! As I scrolled down I was hoping to find a picture of you with that guitar in your hands and an I'm-having-a-crazy-freaking-fun-time-right-now look on your face.

Mandie said...

The cramping in your hands and wrists are just ONE of the many side effects of this addiction...I also attribute headaches and eye twitches to Guitar Hero...I too make my parents so proud. 6 years of violin DEFINATELY have contributed to my HUGE success with GH.