Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seven Things

So I have been racking my brain trying to come up with seven interesting things about myself to share with those who read this blog. And if I'm honest, I've got a big bag of nothing.

But since that has never stopped me before, I type on...

1) I love camp. Not camping. Never camping. Camp.

Being a camper as a kid and a camp counselor in college were both amazing. As a camper, I'd call home after being away for two weeks, BEGGING to stay another two. I just couldn't get enough of all the fun, pranks, activities, snacks (you knew it involved food), and friends.

And being a camp counselor is probably my favorite job of all times. Why I was entrusted with other people's 9 year-olds for two weeks is beyond me, but we sure had a good time together and laughed ourselves silly.

Even though I am all about sitting in Panera with my laptop and sipping a latte by the roaring fire, I am also all about being dirty, not showering, and sabotaging other people's cabins, then waiting for the favor to be returned. Such fun.

But camping? I don't mind the eating out of tin cans and sleeping on sharp rocks. What I mind is that I can't stop thinking wild animals that don't belong anywhere near me are suddenly going to attack. I don't want ants or bugs crawling on me while I sleep, bears circling the tent, or fish so much as peacefully swimming in a nearby pond. If a ladybug so much as crosses my path three feet ahead, I'm out.

2. My favorite sports are baseball and golf. LOVEY LOVE LOVE them both.

They are a) warm in nature, b) intense, but not paint-your-face intense, and c) involve some of my favorite concessions.

3. I have a knack for losing big-ticket items. I am not proud of this, but it is who I am. 

Brad thought it might be "fun" to post the highest-dollar item I've lost. Well, I couldn't possibly do that to him or my parents, because the memories it conjures are downright painful.

But I will say that I had to have my entire college dorm re-keyed more than once and it is NOT CHEAP to buy new keys for like 500 girls.

4. I am not a "shoe" person. Love my flops. Love my running shoes. The End.

The rest of the year I limp by in out-of-style black or brown shoes. But mostly running shoes. Because I would rather spend money on 10 lattes than  having a pair of shoes. 

Because shoes are not edible.

5. It's taking everything in me to come up with seven things that don't all involve food. Because it is what I love. The buying, the making, the ordering, the dreaming about, and drumroll...THE EATING. 

Food is like my children in that I couldn't possibly come up with a favorite because they are all so unique in their characteristics, so wonderful, interesting, and just tasty in a way that quenches both my soul and tastebuds.

What I don't like is bad food. There are few foods I don't care for, but if something isn't fixed well or dry or wet or crunchy or soggy or whatever it shouldn't be, I can't do it. 

I have had four perfectly golden chocolate chip cookies cooked in a cast iron skillet, served sizzling hot, partially cooked inside, topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce in the last 10 days.

Is that a problem?

6. I have strong feelings about the pronunciation of certain words.




I will not tell you the correct pronunciations according to me because I don't want to hurt any feelings. Just know I am cringing inside when you don't say it right.

My favorite word in the English language is "swarthy." I just LOVE it.

7. My dream invention is called The Starbucks Mobile. It drives up and down my street each morning (like an ice cream truck) and stops out front so I can get a Skinny Mocha at approximately 6:30 a.m.

There are so many mornings I need a fix, but can't justify loading up the kids and myself in full Mismatched Pajama Regalia to hit the Starbucks that is five minutes from my house before shuttling everyone out the door to school. The nearest drive-thru is about 20 minutes away and I'd be lying if I said I'd never driven that far just to have everyone physically restrained while I drank my vanilla latte in peace.

(I let Brad unbuckle to drink his hot chocolate.)

So there you have it. Seven things.

I'm not really sure who to tag because many of the blogs I read are people who get THOUSANDS of comments and I'm not sure Pioneer Woman would know my email isn't spam. And really, people like me tagging her for memes probably IS spam.

But I love my blogging friends, so if you want to share Seven Absolutely Fascinating Things go right on ahead. I will be reading and loving it.


Jessica said...

another friend tagged me with something similar but i have yet to find the time to sit and DO IT.
oh well. i am so thankful that there are 2, yes TWO, drive thru starbucks' within 5 minutes of my house. God bless the green awning! (and the seatbelts!!!!!! you SO hit the nail on the head with drinking in PEACE!)

Holly said...

Uh, excuse me Nicole I saw you chow down on a soggy subway the other day with out a problem...

Darcie said...

I recently found you and have stopped by a time or two. Just wanted to say that I think you did a fine job of coming up with 7 interesting things.

I laughed out loud at your pronunciation bit. So did my husband who was reading over my shoulder briefly.

Very cute. I'll be stopping by often!

lauren w said...

ha! this is hilarious! i stumbled on to your blog from kim h's blog. i never do random comments but i thought your blog was so fun!

Amy said...




Here's to hoping I'm not making you cringe. :-)

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Loved your 7 things!

And you are not alone, I frequently will drive out of the way to get my beverage of choice at a place with a drive thru. Because I'm lazy. And when the kids are strapped into the car seats watching a movie, no one is fighting. And it is just like heaven must be.