Friday, April 11, 2008

Fashion Exhaustion


Reading about fashion all day, putting that fashion knowledge to use at the mall, and eating a lot of lasagna has really worn me out.

I have so many things I want to discuss, and so little time before I fall asleep with my forehead implanted on the laptop.

1. How OH FREAKING HOW did Michael Johns get voted off Idol already?

2. And "Shout to the Lord?" Interesting. As the first few notes were played, I turned to Brad and said, "Didn't we sing this at our wedding?!" I am personally convinced they just want all Christians to download it on iTunes. I am debating...

3. "The Office"--Jim & Pam--funny. Michael & Jan--scary.

4. I got tagged for a meme by a Legit Blogger, Lisa. I am so excited to come up with a few things about myself that are interesting, yet not frightening. That might keep me up all night. The ideas Brad brainstormed suggest that he believes I have a few areas in need of personal "growth."

Or that I'm driving him just plain crazy.

5. I left my cell phone charger in Arizona and feel crippled without use of my cell phone. I almost pulled over and used a pay phone today because I am used to the instant gratification of a thought coming into my head then immediately calling someone to purge the info before I forget.

We interrupt this boring blog for a ***LIVE BLOGGING UPDATE**** 

(beep beepbeepbeep beep beep)

Michael Johns is on Jay Leno. Right. Now. With Gene Simmons. Are you watching? 

But Michael Johns ascot? Brilliant. And his smile? Brilliant.

Michael, I apologize right now for failing to vote. Forgive me.

Now Gene Simmons is singing "Rock and Roll All Night" and I am dying to jump through the TV screen and tell him that I would love to play that song on Guitar Hero while he sings. We would be such a great duo. I just stopped typing to work on my guitar riffs while Gene halfheartedly belted out his greatest hit.

In conclusion, I believe I have hit rock bottom.


Anonymous said...

I was totally shocked about Michael J too- Just like I was last year when Daughtry was voted off- I really think though his career will be far better than whoever they choose as Idol this year- I really think it will be David Archuletta?? just b/c of all the teenage girls voting! Can't you just see a bunch of 13-14 adolescents year olds sitting around texting on their cell phones for him just giggling away???

Suzy said...

We watched the office last night was soooo awkward! Love it. And don't worry, I have some really old running bras too. They've been there for me. They know me. I love them.

tootie said...

You are so funny!

Bummer about your cell phone charger. My husband had to go out and buy a new one recently b/c we couldn't find it. (And yes, we felt lost without it.)

Mandie said...

Wow, Nicole! You've hit the big time! Bummer about the cell phone your defense, it was early, very early!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I don't watch Leno or AI, but I hope we can still be friends, because I do love lasagna.