Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Recounting this Tale With Permission

Oh y'all.

My mom and I have so many things in common. Shopping, coffee, Bible study, loving my kids, working out, chocolate, "fashion" (interpret however you will), and Sonic happy hour are all things that lovingly bind us together.

And there are some things where we are not exactly on the same page.

Which brings us to one of my more sophisticated tastes, reality TV.

Last night I frantically called my dad from the grocery store to remind him to record Idol because I am away from the security that my very own TiVo provides. 

And it was Neil Diamond night.

Whom I love. Even when I am unconscious in either a hospital bed or the grave, I think my heart or what's left of my decaying bones will race when I hear "Sweet Caroline." 


My mom mentioned to me that she has NEVER EVER NOT ONE TIME seen American Idol. I didn't even know that was statistically possible, but based on her commentary during the show, I now know with great certainty that it is.

Before I share some of my favorite moments from our evening, I would like to mention that I love how my mom still uses the terminology, "television program." Not "tv show", not "tv," not "show."

"Television program."

Love it.

As in, "I have never seen that "American Idol" television program in which most of America seems somewhat interested." And she pulls it off with sincerity. What a gift.

(And sometime I shall write about what she calls the "movies.")

So, with her grace and best wishes for the death of the blog, are the finer points of our "Idol" banter.

Telling comment #1
Mom: "So are there actually any people who have ever become famous from this television program?"

Needless to say, I threw out some names and she was not so familiar. But Mom is very familiar with Neil Diamond, which counts for something. At least it did in 1969, but Neil's legacy will live on. Even though he is named "Neil." (Just not a name that reeks of fame, you know?)

Telling comment #2
Mom: "So did that LeeAnn REAMS girl start out on this show?"

Me: "Rimes."

Mom: "Right."

Me: "No."

Telling comment #3:
Mom: "Well I can see how you can really get addicted to this. Maybe we should watch it again tomorrow."

Telling comment #4:
Mom: "You know what show I really like?"

Me: "No, what?"

Mom: "Dancing With the Stars."

At this point I picture that she is envisioning "Star Search" or some other dancing show that's gone by the wayside.

But what I love about my mom is that she has a great sense of humor and can laugh at herself with the best of them. And don't worry, my ignorance on topics of actual importance makes me look foolish more often than not.


tootie said...

Ha! I have family members, too, that refer to shows as "television programs."

By the way, your mom sounds really cute. And I'm sure she'll come around to American Idol like the rest of us :)

carrie said...

I have been visiting your blog for a couple of weeks and love it! Thanks for making me feel better. My confession: until your story here, I was pretty sure that I was one of the last people in the country who hadn't tuned in to "American Idol." I don't know why, but it just (brace yourself) doesn't interest me. Maybe it is from years of watching my little sister perform Little Orphan Annie's "Tomorrow"?? I guess I will never know. It saddens me that I don't watch, too, because it would provide lots of blogging, then I would be able to follow the AI posts that I read from some people. Sigh.
Thanks for the entertainment, though. Your mom sounds absolutely precious. "Television program." Love it.

Mandie said...

Hmmmm...I don't want you disown me as a friend, but your mom and I...let's just say until last night, had a lot in common!

Jessica said...

i certainly hope that your great idol taste will be something that rubs off on your mom. i SO love that show!