Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Skinny on My Fat
So I've been busy the last few days organizing my recipes. This sounds a little June Cleaverish, I know, but my current system involves all of them being thrown haphazardly into a drawer (which, I am proud to say IS, at least, in the kitchen).

I'm sure you are thinking that I could simply put all of these recipes into a recipe box, but that is so old school. First of all, only one of them is actually on a recipe card and it was given to me by my mother, who also carefully tucked it into a little recipe card protector. Needless to say, I have never used it (also because the recipe calls for whole wheat, which I will get to later).

The rest of the recipes are on various scraps of paper on which I transcribed the ingredients while holding a baby in one arm and balancing the receiver while talking to my mom in the other hand. In fact, my favorite chicken salad recipe has resided on a luncheon napkin for over 2 years now.

Being that I am a 21st century gal, I have decided to put these recipes on the computer. Actually, many of them were there already, but I was storing them in my deleted items folder in Outlook. I quickly realized it was taking me far to long to sort through five years of deleted mail each time I wanted a recipe...IF I remembered who it was from.

Thus began the project.

The explanation behind my current weight began to emerge as I sorted the recipes. The percentage breakdown is as follows:

Recipes containing vegetables: <1%
Recipes for dessert: 65%
Recipes for chicken: 32%
Other: 2%

This may sound a little dramatic, but I promise you, I crunched the numbers on the calculator and it is true. (Within the dessert category, over 80% contain chocolate, fyi.)

I have exactly two (2) recipes for vegetables. One includes spinach and rice and the other is potato based with lots of cheese and sour cream. Some people these days would tell you that potato is in fact, not a vegetable, but a starch, but I feel I should count it as this category needs all the help it can get.

In addition, here are some categories for which I have more recipes than I have for vegetables:

*egg casserole
*chocolate peanut butter cookies

Anyway, I will stop harassing Brad and begging for money to see a nutritionist to help me in the fight against the flab. I think I just figured it out.

Also, today my menu looked like this:

breakfast: 3 cups of coffee and a Krispy Kreme (just glazed, no frosting!)
lunch: McDonalds double cheeseburger meal
dinner: a lot of pizza

Tomorrow I will be running 10 miles...and probably in immense pain doing it.

Maybe I should look into some of those recipes containing whole wheat. Or maybe I will pick something from the chocolate category...