Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Sickness and In Health

Now, as you loyal readers know, Lilly has been a bit under the weather of late. Things have been coming out of both ends, to put it mildly. So yesterday, my friend, Karen set a new standard for friendship. One so mighty that even I will probably never eclipse.

"Mommy, my tummy hurt." As Lilly lay in obvious discomfort over at Karen's house, I thought she might have another vomiting episode. Sure, it's bad when your own kid vomits everywhere in sight at your very own home, but to perform this feat at someone else's house is awful on so many levels.

I walked over to pick up Lilly and move her to the kitchen--a surface far more conducive, I thought, for barf clean-up. That's when Karen runs in, animatedly insisting, "No, no, no. Just let her throw up right there on my carpet!" HONESTLY SHE SAID THAT.

Who says that?! Not me, that's for sure. I'd probably make the kid a cozy nest on the linoleum with some old ratty towels, but I don't think I'd volunteer my carpet (nasty or not) for puke.

I will definitely consider buying Karen a Christmas gift this year.

For those of you wondering, no, Lilly did not throw up. THANK GOODNESS! There has been enough of that for a lifetime. But, Karen did raise the bar for all friendships I will consider in the future. I appreciate that she was unphased by the smell, horror, and clean-up of puke. Lilly's comfort was more important. Granted, her own little daughter had been caught just moments before wandering through the house with the inflatable Dora training potty ring securely around her neck. (If you question the sanitary status of Karen's house, don't worry, this is an isolated incident and it's extremely clean.)

For some reason, when I started blogging I promised running updates...not that any of you care. Today was great, though. I ran 7 hard and relatively speedy miles on the treadmill, or so I thought.

The guy next to me had to go and shame me by running like a 9 miles per hour pace. Seriously, that is crazy.

Next time I got to the gym, I am getting a treadmill between and old lady and a walker. Then I will look like a speed demon.

School Daze

Lastly, here are the babes in their full autumn glory. Ever since the first day of school, they beg me to take their picture each and every day before we pile in the family sleigh.

Seriously, I just might eat their cheeks!