Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She's Going to Be 30 in 24 Years

Here is the deal: I am not nearly old enough to have a six year-old little girl.

Oh, who am I kidding...of course I am...but that is neither here nor there. What I mean is that in my mind, Lilly is still a newborn infant, delivered three days before Christmas bringing instant smiles to all of us.

(Especially me...considering she was a miniscule little 7 pounder--a welcome relief on the heels of her Ten Pound Andre-the-Giant Brother.)

Thankfully, she LOVES have a birthday near Christmas time.

She is pretty sure all those lights and decor in your yard are for her.

She makes us laugh--the sight gags, the DRAMA, and the creative storytelling that always makes her look like a superstar to the detriment of her brother.

Her cheeks are still kissable, her thumb (occasionally) suckable, and her snaggleteeth? Adorable.

I want her to grow up.


I want her to stay little forever.

There's going to be a lot of celebrating today...the streamers, Going Bonkers, ice skating, and a VERY SERIOUS chocolate cake.

And if I take any blurry pictures, I'll be sure to post them soon.


Donna's Book Nook said...

I don't know HOW I missed Lilly's birthday! Oh my goodness! I've been trying to send cards to everyone and I think I had one especially for her. Oh dear! Please wish her a belated Happy Birthday for me.

Holly said...

I remember her first! Okay that makes me feel...

1. Special to have seen her through all these BDAYS!