Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This is the actual image from the local news station's website:

Y'all, that current temp may be a mistake, but it FEELS true.

I take that actually feels like -784.

Praise God for:
*a warm home
*a mattress pad warmer
*heated car seats
*ample padding on my butt
*my Snuggie
*two giant-sized children that love to sit in my lap
*three layers of pj's
*pictures of our trip to Mexico

p.s. It is only -11 with a wind chill of -32.

Forgive my exaggerations.


Anonymous said...

dang! that is cold! mckinleys bday party is today, i got her this cute little pedicure set thingy. wish you could be there! love you coley!

nat the rat

Andy Rowell said...

70 in Durham, NC today. Why are we visiting you over Christmas?