Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Stale Popcorn Tastes Better Than You'd Think

For all of the inquiring minds out there, we made it!

Home again at 7:30 this morning. We drove back from Ohio all in one lengthy stretch.

And we're a little groggy, super dirty, and thankful to be safe.

Also, I'm lacking any coherent thoughts, so I'll blog more later.

The traffic holdup?

Turns out it was a terrible accident involving an 18-wheeler that overturned. 


I'm off to go about my day without sitting at all since my butt has expanded to three times its normal girth after riding for such a stretch.

You don't see many weight-loss ads that involves driving a car for 19 hours, do you?



Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I imagine you're so glad to be home!!! That sounds miserable. Thankfully it's over. Ha ha... ac