Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventure Day, Yee Haw!

Every Friday 'round these very exciting parts is Adventure Day! {For some reason, I picture myself saying that in a kind of cowboy drawl dressed like Goofy in Frontier Land.}

Adventure Day, of course, is the catch-all for doing activities other than going to the pool or Costco.

After making the Summer Fun List, I thought it would be nice to have a day where we could take our wild and crazy selves around town for some...summer fun. The great thing about kids is that it doesn't take much to constitute an adventure.

Heck, an empty Costco box and a Sharpie kept Lilly entertained for 3 hours today.

But a few weeks ago, Brad and I loaded up Tiger and Tigress to hit the driving range.

I'm sure these are everywhere, but our local range has an upper deck that allows even the worst shots to get some air and make 8 year-olds feel like John Daly at Augusta.

J is actually developing a nice little swing and regularly hits shots longer than mine.

I take that moment to picture myself caddying for him in juniors tournaments...handing him the wrong clubs, but getting a tan while wearing cute clothes.

{I'd have to think twice if they made me wear those Masters-y jumpsuits.}

But J clearly has some Sport Confusion going on with his wardrobe.

That's ok, I'm sure Michael Jordan wears an old Bulls jersey every now and then when he plays a round of golf.

And then there's the Bean:

As you could probably tell from her setup, striking the ball is still a worthy goal.

But DANG, she looks cute barely dribbling the ball to the end of the safety net.

The only downside to the driving range is that it lacks two of my favorite golf components: the cart and the pro shop.

Luckily, I recently had the chance to be the... {you might want to swallow your cereal before you read on}... OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for a charity golf event.

Other than taking incredibly marginal pictures with a borrowed fancy camera, the best part was driving the golf cart. {As if I had to mention that.}

My friend and I toured the entire course and pretended to live in the amazing homes that lined the back greens. We also off-roaded (just a little) to take some shortcuts through some questionable "rough."

I should probably mention that Cari's back was sore and she had to go to the chiropractor the day after...which she blamed on the excessive jostling of the cart. {It was more of a shocks issue than the chauffeur/photographer.}

After wrapping up a few hours of photography and some possible breaches of golf course etiquette, we hit the pro shop.

They have the coolest stuff...outfits that I only dream of having a place to wear, saddle oxford golf shoes, and so many technical wicking fabrics that your skin starts to spontaneously dry out upon entering.

That said, even if I had a spare $70 for a these golf shorts, I'm just not sure I could drop the cash on one item for a sport in which I have a minimal hope and future. {But I stand by the fact that the first step to success in any venture is the right outfit.}

Oh, Brad wanted me to point out one last thing...

...the photo his blurry because of his amazing club speed and fabulous new driver.



Jeanette said...

Your family is beautiful and you look like you are having a great time.

Jeanette said...

Your family is beautiful and you look like you are having a great time.