Friday, July 30, 2010

$2 Afternoon

Look what I found on clearance at Target today:

Ye Olde Slip n' Slide.

Honestly, not as great as I remembered from days of yore.

But the kids still had fun. Sort of.

There was a lot of arguing, squabbling, and all-around bickering.

But the {bad} pictures make it look like we had a ball.

Part of me is glad that when I am old and wearing elastic pants, I won't remember the details of today's arguments. Because they were 100% ridiculous.

I'll see pictures of late summer tans, spraying waterfalls, and sunshine, and remember when the kids didn't have a care in the world beyond which ice cream flavor to have for dessert.

And maybe which swim suit to wear next.

But I'll just remember good times with cousins...even if tempers occasionally flare and their favorite part of the night was playing Jail.

I'm just not ready for all this summertime fun to end.

School starts next week. Do we have to go?

Mister Chubs is not going anywhere.

Maybe we'll just skip out ourselves...

...but the arguing might convince me otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I have to say...your 'photography' has taken a massive step in the right direction! These are amazing!!!