Friday, June 05, 2009

Ready for the Weekend

Three cheers for my mom for saving these amazing Days of the Week barrettes.

Actually, I think they were accidentally shoved in an old mini-suitcase of doll clothes, but that is pretty much my current storage system, so....right on, Mom!

Disclaimer: If Lilly falls and lands on her head, the barrette and all of it's 1980's metal parts will immediately puncture her head and she'll bleed profusely, while her screams embarrass me and echo through the neighborhood.

But that's a fashion risk we're going to take.



natalie said...

i have days of the weeks clips!! no metal parts though!! maybe i could give them to lilly instead of using them myself,, since i am 23,,, nah i'll hold on to mine! hers look cuter! maybe we should trade since mine are safer.

Carrie said...

Those are cute. I'm so glad you're back to blogging.