Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Warm Summer...

just like the ones I used to know...

where the sweat glistens,
and children listen
to hear something other than the sound of rain and tornado sirens.

Colorado is a lovely, lovely place.
But I had to use the seat warmers in the Burb tonight.

That is just wrong.

Haven't even turned on our air-conditioning yet.

While I appreciate the savings, that is just WRONG.

So that's why I'm looking at pictures of our swim-a-thon in Texas. We did try to swim here one day, but they closed the entire pool deck when lightning was spotted in Wyoming.

Yesterday, we shuffled Jackson and Lilly onto a plane ALL BY THEMSELVES to go see Grandma and Grandpa in Chicago. Whoo hoo!

They are having a blast. I'm so thankful for awesome in-laws who love to have fun and party non-stop.

That is Jackson perfecting his can-opener flip. Super handy for Olympic diving competitions.

And I would say Lilly's flip gets an A+ on technical merit.

Brad and I have been doing some pretty amazing things while the kids are gone...including, but not limited to: mattress shopping, pillow shopping, Harry Potter marathon, and eating popcorn for dinner.

My dream was so sit on the patio at my favorite Mexican restaurante last night, but the monsoon prevented it.

Last January, while Brad was in Chile, it was way below zero and the ol' heater froze. No heat.

In fact, that I had to climb up into the attic, with electrical tape leftover from the Wizard of Oz birthday party and use a hair dryer to get our furnace working again. I made an emergency call to the HVAC guy and bought some heat tape that still required me to MacGuyver the furnace into working again.

It was not a great moment. But somewhere in that dark, cold, and scary attic, I felt the promise of sunny days and HEAT just four months around the corner.

Instead, I have three sweatshirts in my car and perma-goosebumps.



Holly said...

seriously! We just played an entire baseball game in the rain and lightning! what the heck

Holly said...

PS - speaking of freezing in the summer, like my profile picture???

Holly said...

Ill change it when I take down my Easter decor!

Amy said...

Please send some cold to Texas!!! We're suffocating down here!