Thursday, May 26, 2011


That's right, I'm thinking of opening this space for a Summer Only Blog.

Due to the fact that I'm still wearing slippers and using a bed warmer in May, "summer" might be a loose term. But my memory is failing and I'd like to remember my kids' developmental milestones to one-up the other old ladies when we swap stories in the home.

Plus, we've had lots of excitement and thrills around these parts.

You know, like homemade jet packs.

And Air Jordans.

And extreme makeovers.

And the lady who lives here who keeps moving all the chairs so no one knows where to sit.

Don't worry, I'm not kidding myself. Project S.O.B. could be really short-lived.

One of my awesomest qualities is starting things. One of my less-awesome qualities is finishing anything. But I don't want to hog all of the awesomeness by beginning AND ending things well.

Then people would call me "consistent" or "competent."

Not so much.

But I am totally willing to forsake all responsibilities to run upstairs, dig through my closet, and try on a red bridesmaid dress to take a picture and humor my sweet friend in Houston.

Wouldn't want cleaning or blogging to get in the way of that.


Andy Rowell said...

A post from Nicole! Go for it!