Monday, October 26, 2009

Here We Go...

...with no promises to ever finish this project, I thought I'd start posting some of our pictures from the Happiest Place on Earth.

Here are my peeps in the airport (fake smiles...check!) and ready to go. They'd been eating, sleeping, and breathing all thoughts Disney for a few weeks and were finally ready to live the dream.

Our first stop (after grabbing FastPasses for some very important rides) was Aladdin's Magic Carpets. For me, the magical part was not puking while Jackson steered the magic carpets up and down with the finesse of a New York city taxi driver.

Lilly chauffered Grammy & Papa around and they lived to tell about it.

Next, we headed to one of my personal favorites, Thunder Mountain.

It had been 27 years since I'd crossed the turnstiles of the Magic Kingdom, and Thunder Mountain was one of my favorites.

{My VERY VERY VERY favorite, Space Mountain, was closed for 9 months for refurbishment while we were there. Yes, I was bitter.}

Anywho, Thunder Mountain lived up to my fantastic memories. Jackson and Papa took the initial ride together...

...and Lilly and Grammy screamed together.

Even though they loved it (we rode it at least 20 times throughout the week), Jackson NEVER stopped hating the part with the loud clacking tracks and the bats.

I sense Lilly didn't love that moment either.

After a billion rides on Thunder Mountain, we headed to the Astro Orbiter. Brad couldn't wait to pilot his own Vomit Comet.

At this point, it should be noted that I DO NOT partake in any rides that go around in a circle. I can't even watch the teacups without my stomach wretching.

Give me a roller coaster that goes upside down 10 times and corkscrews till I don't know which way is up, but SPARE ME the tilt-a-whirl effect.

{It started in the 80's when we were forced to ride backwards in the Way Back of a station wagon. That is just not natural.}

We moved on to Buzz Lightyear (not the same as ToyStory Mania...we'll get to that) and it was fantastic.

Love that it combines the greatness of a ride (well...sort of great, because I had great trouble steering and there is some iffy backwards motion) and the greatness of a video game.

Being that we've raised Jackson to treasure the Wii in his heart, this one was a hit.

The points competition among the adults became pretty intense, but the losers all found reasons to rationalize their sorry scores while the winners gloated and taunted the others for days.

Good times!

And more to come...


Holly said...

the video and pics makes me want to go back now! and buzz was one of zs favs too! And was that roller coaster really only 35 secs long??? it seems so much longer in person!