Sunday, May 17, 2009

If My Goals Were any Loftier, I'd Need a Ladder

'Tis the season for garage sales!

My neighbors are all completely endeared to me because I shamelessly wander from house to house and buy their junk. 

Except, of course, that it isn't junk--it is awesome stuff and they are suckers for throwing it away right into my receptive hands.

Someday I'll get out the camera and photograph the fantasticness of last year's bounty, but I am already focused on the future.

I am hoping to find all of these things in a three mile radius:

*cute bistro/cafe chair and table set for the deck
(because we had a large avalanche that shattered our table when it snowed three feet in April )

*spray paintable frames
*adorable vintage books
*lamps and lampshades of the non-brass variety begging to be embellished with fringe
*a mint condish overstuffed chair from Pottery Barn for the master bedroom
*a lemon juicer 
*a gorgeous rug for my entry way
*heavy glass pitchers in shades of blue and green
*a buffet 
*margarita machine
*panini maker
*world peace

The good news is that the Garage Sale Season is off to a fast start.

After coming in from an early run last week, I stumbled upon a door in my neighbor's trash. Spying a treasure, I "sprinted" home (a whopping 4 houses) and made Brad retrieve the loot in full business attire.

(Because that was definitely less-assuming than I would've been in sweaty workout clothes.)

I'll show you some pictures of the door...but just know that it is painted and permanently perched in the dining room.

(Until I move it in a week.)



jen@odbt said...

I wish you lived closer...I have a box full of frames that are just sitting in my basement. Spray painting them sounds like a great idea. Good luck with your hunting - a margarita maker sounds fun!