Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Short List

Tax season is upon us, and the income tax filing has always been my job.

I haven't mentioned to the IRS that I took Algebra I three times and had a math tutor for the duration of high school, so they just keep sending me refund checks anyway.

Avoidance of this task is nearly as tricky as the filing itself.

In the past hour, here are a few things I've managed to squeeze in to my tight tax-filing schedule.

1. Change clothes to be more comfortable 

2. Apply a new lip gloss and check it's color in different lighting (I am home alone.)

3. Change the toilet paper roll

4. Send around 20 emails

5. Change clothes again

6. Plan a very elaborate dinner as a reward to myself for doing the taxes

7. Read several "Bachelor" recaps

8. Actively search for Jillian's dress, should I be caught off-guard in New Zealand with the prospect of a fantasy date and nothing to wear

9. Pay bills 2 weeks early

10. Mentally decide which pajamas I'll wear as soon as it's acceptable to put them back on

11. Call Brad with no topic of conversation planned

12. Call Brad again

13. Browsed through Southern Living's Idea House Kitchens. (I felt my mouth spontaneously salivate at Walker's Bluff and Emerson Hill.)

(My soul is drawn to exposed brick.)

Unfortunately, all of that activity only took 23 minutes, so now I really have to get going.

Or maybe I'll just start dinner...



jen@odbt said...

I love how you operate b/c I do the same thing. I will take upon any other task but THE one that needs to be done especially if there is no immediate deadline. Besides all these other things are more fun than taxes, right? Good luck!

Mandie said...

I actually knew there would be a blog post today from you when you told me you were doing your taxes today...you crack me up!

Queen B said...

I think you are taking the perfect approach!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

LOL SO funny! that is how I do chores I don't like!

Kari said...

maybe we had the same tutor because algebra didn't quite work out for me either.

Carrie said...

I miss your posts!

Courtney V said...

Okay- that dress was worth doing an active search for :-)

Beachy Mimi said...

I like your style and priorities!
Hope you get to those jammies extra early

Robin said...


Robin said...

Seriously. ARE YOU?

(and I have no idea why it says "harbour" after my last comment, but I find it HIGHLY ANNOYING)

KimBeau Hughes said...

The whole family had a meeting this week about your blogging absence lately, and let me tell you, we are FED UP. We have determined to do all that is in our power to get you blogging again. It is our lifeblood. This is not a request, but a demand. Lovingly, cuzin Kimbo. :)

Andy Rowell said...

Happy 7th Birthday, Jackson!

natalie said...

i feel a blog comin on.... a blog comin on..

:) wishful thinking.