Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing About This Will Be Shocking

Would you believe who has been wearing around my glasses?

And taking pictures of herself?

Of course you would.

Seeing as these glasses are not fake (although I wouldn't put it past me), I have no idea how she's avoiding headaches of great magnitude.

But she wears the glasses around whenever they're not on my head.

She has also been borrowing my deodorant and favorite spray fragrance every morning.

Maybe this is an identity crisis as she approaches five.

(We ARE saving for braces.)

(And some sort of prestigious theater school.)

(And counseling.)
You cannot even imagine the amount of intensity and drama she brings to every situation.

Lately, I've been trying to teach the kids the value of empathy.

Of course, it's backfired.

After she had an incredibly minor finger injury the other day, I apparently wasn't doling out the empathy like she wanted.

How do I know?

This is what I heard: "Mommy, how would you feel if you were the kid and I was the Mom and you were bleeding all over the place and hurting worse than you've ever hurt before and all I said was, 'You'll be okay'?"

To which I lovingly responded, "I would appreciate the uncompromised truth."

"No you wouldn't! It would hurt you deeper than you've ever been hurt before."


And then I turned around to keep from laughing.


Angel Photography said...

I have turned around countless times with my kiddos when they were that age... out of the mouths of babes I tell ya. I LOVE this post... I was laughing and shaking my head the whole time! I love that girl!

Queen B said...

Love her! You are SO in for it...
From one drama queen mom to another.

Mandie said...

Oh, sweet girl! I will say that Lanie will need a roommate for the dorms up at that prestigious theater school the girls are going to. She would love it if Lily joined her.

Beachy Mimi said...

Take it from a Drama Queen Grandma (and mother). Get on your knees NOW. This girl will take you on quite a ride...but it will be fun.
I get great enjoyment now watching QB enteract with her own DQ. Being one herself. hahahahahahahaah Your girl is absolutely precious.

Dana said...

Your blog is hilarious! I could read it all night. Lily is a riot! I'm looking forward to seeing you this week.

Holly said...

Lillys hair looks so long! Are you having fun out there???

Suzy said...

Not only is she beautiful, but she's got great character! Fabulous combination! What a cutie.

Sabrina said...

Nicole. This story is seriously hillarious! -Sabrina

Spoiled Mommy: My Life, My Stor! said...

Ha..this is too cute!
My 2 yr. old princess was running around in her sisters glasses that looked just like this- crazy kids!

Enjoy reading your blog, nice to meet ya!