Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Love Boys

After the usual parade of cookie-devouring grade school boys came through the house like a tornado, they filed downstairs to the basement to play.

Just short of a dozen boys, ranging in age from three (some siblings tagged along) to eleven were yelling and doing other loud and probably somewhat-frowned-upon things.

Truly, they're all great kids (individually, for sure, but the mob mentality gets the best of 'em sometimes.)

Anyway, I got my laugh for the day when they left the basement door open, and this is all I heard:

"Let's play that game again when all of our parents died and we're home alone!"

"Yeah! And we're all teenagers!"

"I'm 16!"

"I'm 14!"

"I'm 18!"

"Yeah, and remember the best part? All Mom and Dad left us was a bunch of GUNS and GUITARS!"

I certainly could not hope to leave a richer legacy.



Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm laughing out loud! That's hillarious!

Queen B said...

That is SO funny. Thanks for the laugh!!

sue.g said...

This cracks me up! As females, we make men out to be way more complex than this. It appears their mindset doesn't really change much between ages 6 to 60,,,except maybe they add power tools. Hmmm