Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rif Ram Bah Zoo Lickety Lickety Woo Woo

If that reads like nonsense to you, then you probably didn't go to TCU.  

I don't think the ol' chant/cheer is still in good favor because I didn't hear it once at the game this weekend and the university probably realized there was a little something in the sauce the night it was penned.

We're coming off one of the most fun footy-footy-football {name that movie} weekends of ALL TIMES. And that is saying something because I've enjoyed a lot of amazing football.

One element that added to the wonderfulness was having our fellow purple-blooded cousin, Rylie, here with us. She and her dad are professional Horned Frog fans, so her extensive player knowledge helped us a ton. 

Mark and Rylie flew in from Dallas to cheer on the Frogs in Colorado Springs at the TCU vs. Air Force showdown.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...every good game starts with an even better tailgate. Friday night unofficially kicked off our festivities while we canvassed Target in search of the perfect tailgate accessories and food.

We debated...

cute little grill or larger more functional grill {cute! i won!}

sliders or full-size burgers {sliders}

Doritos or Cracked Pepper Kettle Chips or Salsa Sun Chips or Black Bean Roasted Garlic Tortilla Chips or Cheetos {ALL}

And of course, we grabbed root beer for the sub-21 crowd.

The girls mostly liked hanging out the windows yelling "Go TCU!" to everyone who walked by.

I don't know if it's a sign of the times, but none of us had ever grilled with charcoal before. Or at least not in recent memory.

But the Big Man with the Little Grill made it happen.


The kids chugged root beer like it was super water {Parks & Rec fans??}. That was in-between football tosses, befriending fellow Frogs, and "hikes" in the "woods."


The friendly tailgaters next door even offered to share their posh food after they saw our leetle bitty grill and felt compassion for us. A full-on Asian Fusion buffet, complete with dipping sauces and a gorgeous Williams-Sonoma tablecloth awaited us.

One stray bean bag flew their way during Corn Hole, and suddenly we were devouring their skewered grilled scallops and setting up a love connection in Oregon for a very eligible bachelor friend of ours.

Isn't that the joy of the tailgate? The food, the camaraderie, the match-making? 

After downing a couple dozen sliders and a bag of chips {each}, we made our way into the game.

This was an official TCU "travel game," so the stands were packed with Texans! YES! And our cheering definitely out team-spirited the Air Force.

In their defense, the fighter jet flyover was pretty cool. The Horned Frogs left their F-16s at home this one time.

Of course, by the third quarter {Lilly kept calling them "innings"}, the Frog Faithful were getting a little tired.

But Rylie's Horned Frog spirit just cannot be put down. Even by exhaustion.
{would you be so kind as to notice the lady in front of us who was shielding the sun with her program? following an incredible catch, the girls got a little wild with the pom-poms and she shot us a death glare like they were PERMANENTLY displacing her hair. and then she rests a magazine up there like it won't mold her sweaty hair to her head in the shape of a tent. 
just sayin'.}

After the game, Tank Carder came over and high-fived his biggest fans.
And then I asked possibly the worst candidate in the stadium to take our photo with my phone. I should've denied his cheerful volunteerism when he said "so how do you work this thing?" but I didn't want to insult his lack of tech-savviness, so assured him he would be fine.

And other than not getting Lilly in the picture, he was awesome!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, how much fun!!! Way to go Mark & Rylie! I love seeing those cute baby Frogs :-)

And TANK!!! How cool is that! Did you know he was a 32 lb 18-month-old? Yep. That's how he got the name. For reference, Hogan is nearing 3 years and is 31 lbs. Wow.

And doesn't it just burn you up when someone looks ugly at your kid?!?!! Makes me want to smack 'em!